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Friday, July 21, 2006

The rights of privilege

Ezra Klein has a great post on what may is behind the uproar over the blogosphere by the Lieberman supporters and yes, all of the DC insiders including the press corps. If somebody like privileged Joe is threatened then so are they. Like all aristocrates they fear a populist uprising.
That's what's so stunned me about this debate. I had it out the other night with a very pro-Lieberman writer who, it came clear to me, believed the entire concept of a primary challenge against Lieberman a simply illegitimate form of opposition. Lieberman, as a Democratic incumbent, had a claim on his party's nomination and his Senate seat that couldn't be challenged by a bunch of bloggers and a cable television executive named Ned. It was the impudence of the whole thing that so offended.
Go read the rest.

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