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Friday, July 21, 2006

The Aristocrats Prepare For War

On the same day that Ezra Klein tells us that the main reason the power aristocrats are fighting the blogosphere is that like all aristocrats they fear populist uprisings we have this:
Centrist Democrats Ponder How To Counter Netroots
At a time when centrism has become a dirty word in some Democratic Party circles, hundreds of the party's avowed moderates are convening in Denver this weekend to discuss their agenda for this fall's election and the presidential contest in 2008.

The annual meeting of the Democratic Leadership Council, a group that came to prominence in connection with President Clinton's electoral victory in 1992, takes place as the organization has become a lightning rod for criticism from liberal Web-based activists known as the netroots.
Yes the aristocrats of the DLC hate populist Democracy as much as the Bush administration. Early in the history of the United States pamphleteers played an important role in shaping the direction the country would take. The Internet has made populist government via pamphleteering possible for nearly anyone. The results have already been incredible. With the very real possibility that one of the established power aristocrats, Joe Lieberman, may fall as a result of a populist movement the aristocrats are in the panic mode. I guess regardless of your party affiliation once you taste power you become a Hamiltonian.

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