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Friday, July 21, 2006

Bill Clinton just doesn't get it.

And of course he's not alone, the press doesn't get it, Joe Gandelman doesn't get it.

Bill Clinton to campaign for Lieberman in Waterbury

It's not about Joe Lieberman being a Democrat or a progressive it's about Joe Lieberman being a proud member of a dangerous and failed ideology, and yes there is no room in the tent for the likes of Joe Lieberman and Marshall Wittmann. As a matter of fact there are many republicans who are trying to figure out how to get the insane neocons out of the Republican tent. Both George Will and Gene Healy of CATO realize the Dick Cheneys, Bill Kristols, Marshall Wittmanns and Joe Liebermans of the world are bat shit crazy. Would you want your homicidally crazy uncle in the tent? The objection to Joe Lieberman is not just about the war, it's about a dangerously insane ideology. Not in my tent.

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