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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The war tonic

Over at Cato At Liberty Gene Healy nails the neo-conservatives; they need war, it doesn't matter which war or who the enemy might be.
For the neoconservatives, it’s not about Israel. It’s about war. War is a bracing tonic for the national spirit and in all its forms it presents opportunities for national greatness.
Another conservative, George Will touched on this the other day. It's impossible to separate the neo-conservatives in the US from Israel. If you need an example of the failure of neo-conservative ideology and policy you need to look no further than Israel. After 58 years of nearly non stop war they are less secure today than they were 58 years ago. The collective punishment we see now in Gaza and Lebanon will have the same results as the previous 58 years of the same policy, the creation of even more hate for Israel in the region and still more who are willing to sacrifice their own lives to kill Israelis. Less security not more. Is it possible that Israel needs war like their neo-conservative comrades in the US?

I find some reason to be optimistic when other conservatives are publicly critical of the insanity of the neocons.

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