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Thursday, July 13, 2006

The neocons and Israel

Yesterday I discussed who was getting what they wanted as the situation in the Middle East deteriorates. Steve Soto Chimes in this morning and agrees.
But make no mistake, this is really an effort by Israel to draw Syria and Iran into the conflict in support of their proxies, whereupon the cabal will have the pretext for what they really want, which is the next war against these two countries. When you hear Israel say that “nothing is safe” inside Lebanon, and talk about a “long” war inside a sovereign state next door, you know Israel is really after the expulsion of Hezbollah from Lebanon, by trying to achieve something militarily that they cannot achieve in other ways. But in doing this, they will drag neighboring states into this against them and us, at a time when we have 130,000 targets inside Iraq as sitting ducks.


And who could be happy about the dissolving situation in the Middle East? Oil companies, which saw the price of their increasing inventories climb to over $76 per barrel today due to the unrest in the Middle East.

This brings us to another point, the relationship of the neocons and Israel. I'm not just talking about policy and ideology but technique. The US has had a one sided unconditional support for Israel since it's creation. Anyone who dared to question any actions by Israel has been quickly labeled antisemitic, an undesirable label after World War II, all but eliminating any debate on middle east policy in the United States. We have seen the neocons and the Bush/Cheney cabal use the same technique in the "war on terror" labeling anyone who questions anything the administration does as soft on terrorists, once again making debates on policy difficult if not impossible. This relationship is also responsible for the reaction against those who oppose Joe Lieberman, a fear that those who oppose the neocon ideology and Lieberman will gain power and be less inclined to support Israel unconditionally.

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