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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Approaching Armegedon

Well it appears that everyone will get what they want with the possible exception of a majority of the people on the planet. When Hezbollah took two Israeli soldiers prisoner they go what they wanted, attention and an uptick in violence. Israel got what they wanted, a chance to attack Lebanon and Syria. Iran got what they wanted, a chance to attack Israel if they invade Syria. And the neocons in the administration and out got what they wanted, a reason to attack Iran. The Iraqi Security forces got what they wanted, a reason to turn on the American occupiers. The probable supply disruption will give the oil companies what they want. the opportunity to sell less oil for a lot more money. And of course we have the "end timers", the "rapture right", they have been waiting for the big one in the middle east for 2000 years.

Who will not get what they want? Everyone else.

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