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Monday, June 19, 2006

Murtha must be saying the right thing

"Stay and pay", that's what John Murtha called the administrations "plan" for Iraq on Meet The Press yesterday. He must have said something right as it sure as hell has put all the wingnut hawks in the attack mode this morning.

  • Black Five, Froggy
    This morning on Meet the Cuomo aide, Tim Russert's guest was firebrand Congressman and Congressional Cowardice Caucus Chairman, John Murtha.

  • Opinion Journal
    American and Iraqi forces are on the offensive once again, deploying around the terrorist stronghold of Ramadi and beginning a drive to bring order to Baghdad. This is welcome news, not least because it underscores how wrong and defeatist Congressman Jack Murtha and his Democratic colleagues are in demanding an immediate U.S. withdrawal in Iraq.

  • Ann Althouse
    Did you watch Congressman John Murtha on "Meet the Press" today? (If not, you can watch it here.) Or read the transcript. Murtha is -- in Tim Russert's words -- "the most outspoken Democratic critic of the president’s handling of the war." I admit to feeling a certain amount of resistance to outspoken critics of the war effort, so take that into account. But I thought Murtha's performance was embarrassing. I've never seen a "Meet the Press" guest take the first question and spew everything he could think of in one giant, jumbled dump:
Yes they are attacking John Murtha, calling a 30+ year veteran of the Marines a coward, because they know a majority of Americans are seeing the same thing Jack Murtha is. As we reported here even the US Ambassador realizes things are getting worse not better. In spite of the new offensive in Baghdad the violence continues and yes, the Iraqis themselves want a timetable and want us out because the realize occupying forces are part of the problem not part of the solution. Keep it up Jack Murtha. We need more Democrats like you.

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