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Monday, June 19, 2006

More Bull than Democratic Moose

The "big tent" of the Republican Party was not big enough for Marshall Wittmann's ego so he left. Well it appears the "big tent" of the Democratic Party is not big enough either but rather than leave he;s simply trying to drive everyone else out of the tent. This morning he compares Kos and his supporters to Ann Coulter. Of course his primary aim is once again to defend the indefensible Joe Lieberman. Of course Wittmann and Liebermann have one thing in common, over inflated egos and contempt for all who disagree with them. Sounds a bit like Ann Coulter don't you think. Over at dKos yesterday DHinMI summed up the problem many of us have with Lieberman, and it's not the war.
But that's not what's driving the Lamont effort, it's Lieberman's contempt for people who don't share his views. Democratic voters haven't been on a jihad to cleanse the party of people who supported the Iraq war; hell, we even nominated a Presidential candidate who had voted for the Iraq War Resolution. Joementum's claim is a canard. His problems are entirely of his own doing, and have little to do with the policies he supports or the ideas he espouses and almost everything to do with the contempt he showers on those he would refer to as Jihadists, but who we call Democrats. Sounds a lot like Mr Wittmann as well.

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