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Sunday, May 14, 2006


There has been a great deal of talk about how the Republican party and the conservative movement was hijacked by the Radical Christian Right but what about the other hijacking. The one I speak of is the hijacking of the Democratic party by the corporatists. I am one of those who believe that the last Democratic President was Jimmy Carter and that Bill Clinton was the best Republican President we have had since Eisenhower. While the Republican party was being hijacked by the Rapture Right who called themselves "conservatives" the Democratic party was hijacked by the DLC corporatists who called themselves "moderates" or centrists. The net result of all of this is we are seeing an implosion of both the Democratic and Republican party. The "far left" often finds itself on the old same side as the old "far right" when it comes to foreign policy, trade issues, and the administration's attack on the constitution. So if the basic fabric of politics in the United States is coming apart what's next? I have said here before that while I don't think a third party will win in 2008 third parties will ultimately decide who does win. Over at The Left Coaster pessimist thinks I may be right except he thinks they might actually win. The corporatists in both parties are about to give up on both the Republican and Democratic parties. Enter what on the surface appears to be an unlikely alliance between Hillary Clinton, Newt Gingrich and Rupert Murdoch. I had been somewhat puzzled by Hillary's obvious run for the presidency but at the same time veering to the right and alienating the Democratic base. The DLC's Marshall Wittmann seems to be doing everything in his power to drive the netroots base from the Democratic party. How does Gingrich/Clinton ticket in 2008 sound? It sounds pretty crazy on the surface but it's just plausible enough to be scary. Head over to The Left Coaster for more details.

If there was any doubt that the Democratic part is just as bankrupt as the Republican Party just read this from digby.

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