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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Evolution or de-evolution?

In the heat of battle last week I completely missed the second anniversary of this humble blog. Rather than look at what has happened in the nation and the world the last two years I decided to take a look at what has gone on inside my own head. Two years ago I thought of myself as a moderate/centrist. I think we have all become radicalized but I guess I'm still a centrist in a sense. I find myself agreeing with the far left on many issues, much more in fact than two years ago. At the same time I find myself agreeing with the old far right often. The first blogs I read in the morning are The Left Coaster, The Moderate Voice and LewRockwell.com. Left, middle and right, I guess that makes me a centrists. The online magazines I read most often are The Nation and The American Conservative. Again a right and a left.

This country, and as a result the entire world, is in trouble. The American people have elected a collection of mad men and incompetent idiots, or at least it was close enough for them to steal the election. This is a dangerous combination. The legislature has been composed of Republican Bush sycophants and spineless Democratic hacks. I'm not confident that things will improve even if the Democrats should retake the House, The Senate or both.

Civilization itself is threatened by global warming. To be honest I suspect it's too late to do anything about it now and in fact it may have been too late when we discovered that we were the problem. I see a lot of finger pointing and denials but I don't see any effort to figure out how we are going to live with the consequences.

Before global warming gets us the lack of oil probably will. We have a world dependent on oil. Demand is increasing and we have or about to have gone through half of it. There are NO alternatives that will allow us to continue our lifestyle and in fact there are no alternatives that would make it possible to sustain the current population of the earth.

Coinciding with the anniversary of MEJ was my 60th birthday. I'm glad I'm old and glad I don't have any grandchildren.

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