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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Why Massacres? Mental Problems are Way Down the List

This short article spells out several realities...
  • there is overwhelming epidemiological evidence that the vast majority of people with psychiatric disorders do not commit violent acts.
  • Anxiety disorders ...do not seem to increase the risk at all.
  • people with no mental disorder who abused alcohol or drugs were nearly seven times as likely as those without substance abuse to commit violent acts
  • these killers are young men who are not floridly psychotic. They tend to be paranoid loners who hold a grudge and are full of rage
  • Nearly five years after Congress enacted the National Instant Criminal Background Check System, only about half of the states have submitted more than a tiny proportion of their mental health records.
A better place to look for solutions to the problem is at the crazy fiction called "background checks."
This may be the most misleading phrase in the national discussion now in the news. 
Why? Because there ain't no such list and there never will be because the principal statistical metric cannot ever be funded.
And the NRA brags about it. 
No funds may be used to create, maintain or administer a database of firearms owners or their firearms. This prohibition has been in place since Fiscal Year 1979, and prevents the federal government from establishing a national gun registry.

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