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Saturday, October 06, 2012

Reader Comments at Think Progress

The comments thread at this TP post is a harvest of goodies.

►Snow White, Superman and Pinocchio are walking along. They see a sign: "Contest for World's Most Beautiful Woman." Snow White goes in, later comes out smiling, wearing a crown. They walk along and see another sign: "Contest for World's Strongest Man." Superman goes in, later comes out smiling, wearing the belt. They walk along and see a sign: "Contest for World's Greatest Liar." Pinocchio goes in, later comes out with his head down crying. "Who the hell is Mitt Romney?" Pinocchio sobs.
Being far from an undecided voter in this election season, I’ll admit that I was thrown a bit by last night’s debate performance by President Obama. At first, I thought,“Oh my God! POTUS just got mugged on national television! Why didn't he go after Romney more? How could he let the lies Romney told just stand?” It wasn't registering with me --at first.
Then, I began to realize something... had the President gone on the attack, ignored the moderator, and gleefully rebutted everything he could think of to bolster his image and put down his opponent, what would the press be talking about this morning? The tactics of AN ANGRY BLACK MAN, used by the “Gangster-In-Chief” in order to game the debate!
Not only would Obama’s debate performance have been nearly UNIVERSALLY DENOUNCED as the most unsporting, un-presidential comportment of an incumbent in a presidential debate, EVER. It would have been “a national disgrace”.
What the President needed to do IS EXACTLY WHAT HE DID. He behaved in a gentlemanly, professional manner, was courteous to the moderator, and polite to his opponent without being deferential. He didn’t lose. HE SET THE STAGE... because moving forward into the next two debates, absolutely no one will blame him for being MORE AGGRESSIVE, MORE BLUNT and LESS POLITE about being LIED ABOUT TO HIS FACE by an unscrupulous plutocrat.
On its face, Pearl Harbor was a loss, too; but it was one battle, not the war. All the MYTH ROMNEY has done is AWAKENED A SLEEPING GIANT -- AND FILLED HIM WITH A TERRIBLE RESOLVE!
►Great, and now we have to spend the next 10-12 days listening to the media/press analyze every lie Romney told last night. But wait, I thought you guys declared him a winner? I didn't know you can be a liar and a winner at the same time? Learn something new everyday... How about from now on we declare winners AFTER we've vetted the statements they've made?
►I like to fire people was on display last night from Mutt as he told big bird and the moderator that they are fired when he gets the job. Romney should scare all Americans that take a shower after work!
►I agree, Pres. Obama acted diplomatically and kept his integrity and good manners- Romney did not. That showed without Obama pointing it out. And, had he insisted on rule following or anything like that, he would have been mocked for 'whining'. Your comments are right on point: "Will Romney talk to a leaders overseas like last night with no self control? The deficit has not doubled, there are not 23 million unemployed, it is 12.3 million, Mitt didn't just tweak it, he doubled it! One Lie last night after another for Mitt, and of course flip flopped from his policies that he has been campaigning on, so he wouldn't have to defend them." Couldn't have said it any better, myself!

Yeah, I know. Nothing new. I just needed to lick my wounds a little before starting the day...

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