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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Sad Tweet from Syria

Jenan Mousa is a photo-journalist for Arabic Al Aan TV (Dubai) on the ground in Syria. I have been following her on Twitter since she went into Syria a few weeks ago.
This is the translation of her bio from the Arabic link above. 
Jenan Mousa, a Lebanese journalist was born in Saudi Arabia in 1984. Since joining the channel now a roving reporter, did not stop Jinan movement on the front lines in the countries of the Arab Spring. Widely covered the Arab revolutions in Egypt and Syria, and especially in Libya. Also taken her to the Somali refugee camps in Kenya and compound of Osama bin Laden in Pakistan in addition to coverage of what is known as the July war in Lebanon in 2006.  
Her passion for journalism for his limitless. Was the first to publish exclusive pictures of a Pakistani woman being stoned to death at the hands of the Pakistani Taliban. In Libya was the only journalist got pictures buried former Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi. Published reports in several international media such as ABC, Reuters, BBC. 
Is a diploma in radio and television from the American University of Science and Technology in Beirut and Diploma in English Literature from the Lebanese University. In 2008 won Jinan Gebran Tueni Award for Journalism. 

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