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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Generic All-Purpose Blame Form

Found at a Facebook link...
Darryl Rhoades, inspired by the current flap about who did what that led to violence and death (again) in Libya, tossed out this idea and said run with it.

Mitt Romney might have used it to some advantage, thereby averting what turns out to be his Howard Dean moment, but unfortunately, as the president said, he chose to shoot first, then aim.
Too much time reading books on business management perhaps. Tom Peters used the phrase "Ready, Fire, Aim" in Chapter 5 of In Search of Excellence. one the most popular business manuals ever written.

So next time something happens for which someone needs to take the blame, this handy form will become useful.
I have to blame it on (fill in blank)....he's such a liar and an asshole and he said (quote here) and it can be proved on (furnish source) that he had money in (overseas account, company stock, PAC/SuperPAC/ supporting candidate “X”) and is secretly having meetings with (name "religious leader"/ foreign dignitary / evil person of the week). 
Moreover, in (19YY) he was a member of (dubious group) and caused (any problem created during afore mentioned year).   
I've had enough and if you disagree you are a/an [Pick one or more] (idiot / socialist/nazi / marxist / racist / femanazi / homophobe / lib-drinking Koolaid / conservative-drinking Koolaid / muslim / terrorist / naive / uninformed /unpatriotic / unamerican.)

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