I put Middle Earth Journal in hiatus in May of 2008 and moved to Newshoggers.
I temporarily reopened Middle Earth Journal when Newshoggers shut it's doors but I was invited to Participate at The Moderate Voice so Middle Earth Journal is once again in hiatus.

Thursday, May 01, 2008


Ennui, I've been afflicted myself several times in the last couple months. The Democratic Primary drags on, ugly. The economy is stinking. The stupidity of ethanol has gained traction. We are not paying attention to what is going on with oil trading. Our kids are dying in for one man's stupidity. Sometimes I want to either cry or break things or just sit.

Does blogging do any good? I don't know, to a certain extent it is preaching to the choir, it also gives concrete voice to what many cannot voice. Sometimes it is a fresh outlook or rationale, sometimes it is just reinforcement. Sometimes it seems an entire waste.

Ron has been one of my regular stops from the beginning and he flattered me with an invitation to post here. I 've been an irregular poster, trying to have something fresh for two blogs is difficult for me. I'll miss this place. I hope Ron decides to come back.