I put Middle Earth Journal in hiatus in May of 2008 and moved to Newshoggers.
I temporarily reopened Middle Earth Journal when Newshoggers shut it's doors but I was invited to Participate at The Moderate Voice so Middle Earth Journal is once again in hiatus.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Anniversary and the end for now.

This is the fourth anniversary of Middle Earth Journal and it seems like a good time to shut down for awhile. Jazz has a new a better soap box over at The Moderate Voice and I'm so discouraged I don't really have anything to say. I may be back - I may not, time will tell. I'm not really convinced it will really make any difference who is elected president in November. The country and the world's problems will not be addressed. We have reached Peak Oil and it's too late to avoid the pain. Climate change is real and the impact will be devastating. Now I don't know if it was ever possible to do anything about it but once again it's too late now. We are also at or near peak water and peak food. I think you could say we have reached peak people and there is nothing anyone can do. What will happen is the inevitable resource wars fought over not just oil but water and land where food can still be grown. They will make the War on Terror look like a minor play ground fight. So there is nothing I can do to make any real difference so I'm just gong to sign off for now. Thanks to everyone who has read and contributed to these virtual pages.