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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Who's unelectable?

It's become obvious who the Rethuglicans want to run against in the November general election - it's Hillary. For example:
Popular Vote Gives Clinton an Edge
By Michael Barone

It wasn't always that way. Initially the Republicans thought that Obama would be an easier target and were helping him knock off Hillary. That changed in late 2007 when they figured out that Obama would be a formidable candidate.

Hillary Clinton's strategy has been to paint Obama us unelectable and they have done everything in their power to make that so. They may have had some success but in the process have made Hillary even less electable - her campaign has alienated an important part of the Democratic base.
Party Fears Racial Divide
Attacks Could Do Lasting Harm, Democrats Say

In addition her campaign tactics have offended many Independent supporters like me and Libertarians who are looking at Obama won't vote for Hillary. Hillary Clinton has to be seen as the one who is most unelectable in November and it is the result of her Karl Rove style campaign. She had a lot of baggage to begin with and she has taken on even more in the last few months.

Even after her win in PA she contiues to lose support and donors to Obama. I am forced to give more credance to the conspirisy theory that she knows she can't get the nomination but want's to make sure Obama loses in November so she can run in 2012.

Sorry Hillary, it won't work. I have come to the conclusion that the Democractic Party would be stronger without you and Bill and all of your baggage.

What John Cole says!