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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Just Say No

Yes, I'm still alive. I haven't posted much lately because I'm sick and tired of all the news revolving around the cluster fuck that the Democratic nomination has become when there is real news out there. We are still losing the war we should have fought in Afghanistan because we don't give up on the disastrous occupation of Iraq which is even worse because we are doing exactly what the Iranians want us to do. No one is willing to admit that the war is over and the Iranians have one so we continue to spend US blood and treasure to support the truly pro Iranians, ISCI, the Badr Brigade Organization's fight against the Iraqi nationalist al-Sadr. Well al-Sadr has had enough:
Al-Sadr may restart full-scale fight against US in Iraq
BAGHDAD - Muqtada al-Sadr is considering setting aside his political ambitions and restarting a full-scale fight against U.S.-led forces — a worrisome shift that may reflect Iranian influence on the young cleric and could open the way for a shadow state protected by his powerful Mahdi Army.

A possible breakaway path — described to The Associated Press by Shiite lawmakers and politicians — would represent the ultimate backlash to the Iraqi government's pressure on al-Sadr to renounce and disband his Shiite militia.

By snubbing the give-and-take of politics, al-Sadr would have a freer hand to carve out a kind of parallel state with its own militia and social services along the lines of Hezbollah in Lebanon, a Shiite group founded with Iran's help in the 1980s.

It also would carry potentially disastrous security implications as the Pentagon trims its troops strength and Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki finally shows progress on national reconciliation.
Even the US Army has conceded that the success of the surge was due to al-Sadr's "cease fire". The right, including Condi Rice, have been quick to label Sadr and JAM cowards. Sometimes what appear to be cowardice is wisdom - why get annihilated by superior power when you can live to fight the war on your terms another day. The "cowards" of the Mahdi army are capable of taking Iraq back to pre-surge violence in short order.

Back to the Clinton/Obama battle closer to home. When no one thought Obama could win he was treated kindly. The honeymoon is over. I quick trip over to memeorandum shows almost nothing but attacks on Obama.

I supported Hillary Clinton until January and said I would vote for her until recently. I still believe that the Democrats must regain control of the country. That said I will not vote for Hillary Clinton in November even if it means John McCain will be the next President. The Democratic party and progressives(liberals) need to regain power but with out the Clintons and the DLC.