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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Way too early to worry

Zogby has conducted a poll including Ralph Nader that shows McCain beating both Clinton and Obama. It shows Nader getting five or six percent which is ridiculous. The Supreme Court alone should be enough to convince all but one percent or less not to throw their vote away. And there are the other issues that will haunt McBush in the general election.
  • Iraq: St John McBush is constantly reminding us that the surge has been a success. Juan Cole reports that the daily death count is once again increasing - 20 in January, 26 in February and 39 so far in April. And even General David Petraeus seems to be contradicting McCain as to how successful the surge has been.
  • The Economy: The economy continues it's death spiral in spite of what George W. Bush might say. The dollar is no longer welcome even in third world countries. The FED was forced to bail out Bear Stearns in order to postpone a complete meltdown. The FED is all but powerless to halt the decline and the US faces what may perhaps be the worst recession since the great depression. It's not going to get any better between now and November and this is what McBush had to say a couple of months ago:
    “I don’t believe we’re headed into a recession,” he said, “I believe the fundamentals of this economy are strong and I believe they will remain strong. This is a rough patch, but I think America’s greatness lies ahead of us.”
    This of course was shortly after he admitted he didn't know anything about economics.
And we shouldn't forget John McCain himself - he's an angry old man who often says really stupid things. He may have a the lead now simply because he's not getting any news coverage.

As I said below I think it is a good thing that Hillary is vetting Obama now. It's much better if the dirt comes out now than in October. We should pay attention but not panic.