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Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Vetting of Obama

I always thought that Hillary Clinton's greatest strength was that she had already been thoroughly vetted - it was going to be difficult for the Republicans to come up with anything new. I also thought that Barack Obama's greatest weakness was a lack of such vetting. The MSM and the Republicans gave Obama a free ride early on in hope that he would take the nomination from Hillary. For that reason I think much of Hillary's dirty campaign was useful. Now that it looks like Obama may not only win but could actually win the general election the free ride is over. Memeorandum has been all about Obama's "spiritual advisor", Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr and Obama's relationship with Tony Rezko. Now it's coming from the corporate media not the Clinton campaign. It's good that it's coming to light months before the general election but it could cost Obama the nomination.