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Saturday, March 22, 2008


I haven't been posting much - the reality is I'm tired of the bull shit. I've been working on my art and reading Science Fiction instead. I already know that McCain is a dangerous idiot so more evidence of that only bores me. I'm fed up with the Democratic primary campaign although I still think Obama is the best choice but best isn't always all that great. What really disgusts me though are the infantile supporters of Hillary that say they won't vote for Obama and the infantile Obama supporters who say they won't vote for Hillary. Fine - you will get the country you deserve to have. But guess what assholes it's not what everyone else deserves. I don't deserve it, my kids and grand kids don't deserve it, the people of Iraq don't deserve it, the world doesn't deserve it. This game is far too important for you to take your ball and go home so grow up.