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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Disgusted - Me Too Edition

Back in 2000 I bought into McCain's "Straight Talk Express" and gave him a few dollars. I still get several emails a week from the McCain campaign asking for money in spite of the fact I always mark them as spam. Well I'm not alone, Joe Gandelman has a letter from someone just like me. Go read the entire letter but here area couple on snippets I can really identify with.
Apparently I receive all of your solicitations and phone calls because years ago I contributed a small amount when you were running in the primary against George W. Bush. As an independent, back then I saw you as someone with integrity and honesty. That is no longer true.


It is not, as you assert, that the presidential race “will be won on experience, issues and ideas, because that is what separates me from my Democrat opponents.” What really separates you from the Democratic opponents is your embarrassing and disgraceful support of Bush and the Iraq war. You have no valid basis for being president.


You ended your last letter to me with “Please let me hear from you soon.”

Consider this my response.

And for god sake, stop saying “Joel, you are part of my winning team.” Get the money you want from the idiots that support the Iraq war and think that wasting the lives of thousands of Americans has been justified or ever will be.
Amen Joel