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Monday, February 11, 2008

If I were a "super delegate"

I explained my feelings about the byzantine primary election system below. I agree it's broken - some think it's the super delegates that are unDemocratic, others think it's the caucus system. I agree with both of them. So what would I take into consideration if I were one of the super delegates? (It should be understood that I am leaning towards Obama at this point.)

This is what I would consider to make my decision:
  1. The popular vote in states that actually held a primary not a caucus.
  2. Who seems to have the most momentum at the time?
  3. Who has the lead in an average of national polls at the time?
  4. Who is most likely to be able to win in November?
You will notice that I don't take actual delegate counts into the equation. I don't really consider the caucuses to be anymore "Democratic" than the super delegates themselves. Even in state with a primary there is no consistency in assigning delegates based on the popular vote.