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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

As the once mighty fall

The "conservative" power brokers see their power slipping away and they don't like it. Perhaps the most visible example is Rush Limbaugh.
Limbaugh: McCain Out to Destroy GOP for 2000 S.C. Defeat
Continuing his attack on Republican frontrunner Sen. John McCain, conservative radio show host Rush Limbaugh devoted a significant portion of his radio show Monday to urging conservatives not to vote for the senator in tomorrow's Super Tuesday contests.

For weeks, Limbaugh has been on the attack against McCain, branding the Arizona senator a "liberal" and suggesting he would destroy the Republican Party.

On his radio show Monday Limbaugh said that if McCain is elected president, he would destroy the Republican party by working with Democrats to pass liberal legislation.

"He's going to reach out to Democrats in Congress," Limbaugh said, citing "McCain -Kennedy" and "McCain -Feingold" as examples of McCain-sponsored bipartisan legislation.

"This is how he's going to get even with Republicans for defeating him in South Carolina in 2000," Limbaugh said.
"The Republican Congress will effectively be neutered."
The irony is that "conservative" is now associated with George W. Bush and his administration making conservative the new toxic tag. The more the wind bags on the right scream that McCain is not a "conservative" the more they improve his chances in November.

Of course it will help Limbaugh as well - no matter who wins he can attack them and keep his ditto heads happy.