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Friday, January 18, 2008

Tell me again how great the economy is

We have been hearing how great and strong the economy is. A majority of Americans know it simply wasn't so. Jazz made the following observation below:
I've been having this discussion with some of our friends on the Right for quite a while now and I've always been confused by the arguments I hear. A repeated insistence that the economy is not only in fine shape, but in fact seeing some of the best times ever, leaves me wondering. Certainly some of them may live in areas where the economy is stronger, since it's an issue with regional peaks and valleys. For others there may be an element of political necessity, as it certainly benefits the Republican party to maintain the appearance of a strong, vibrant economy. (At least until November.)
For the investor class it has been pretty good times - dividends have remained strong and stocks have continued to increase in value. But is that ending?
As you can see this week has been especially bad. The investor class is feeling the pain.
And over the last year we have a net loss of 400 points. Yes the Bush economy is now being shared by all for the first time. So now it's a recessio0n.