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Friday, January 18, 2008

The New Hillary?

Pamela Leavey of The Democratic Daily has just endorsed Hillary Clinton. Jazz and I will have Pamela on Mid Stream Radio at 10:00AM Pacific, 1:00PM Eastern on Monday. Joe Gandelman has a good piece on the repackaging of Hillary Clinton over at The Moderate Voice.
Hillary Clinton’s Political Skills Are Rapidly-Blossoming
Democratic Senator Hillary Clinton’s foes such as Democratic Senator Barack Obama and Republicans everywhere take note: if you were counting on Mrs. Clinton to be brittle, not quite likable and seemingly talking by rote you are underestimating her and could suffer the political consequences. Before our very eyes, Hillary Clinton is evolving into a smooth, skillful world-class politician.

It’s not just her feisty performance in the debate before her surprise victory in New Hampshire — or the (in)famous teary-eyed incident. You can almost see Mrs. Clinton’s growth in mastering political skills of imagery and political rhetoric take place each day. She’s a fast learner and is sharpening her skills just as her husband former President Clinton seems to be losing his (a red-faced, angry partisan is not particularly persuasive to non-choir members).

Nowhere was that more evident in an interview she did this morning on KNX-Radio in Los Angeles, California’s mega-news station.

From the interview’s outset, Mrs. Clinton’s voice was animated, upbeat and cheery. When pointedly asked about the controversy in Nevada where the teachers union headed by pro-Clinton people unsuccessfully tried to squelch a union endorsing Obama from voting in workplaces, she handled it smoothly — letting listeners know she would have liked the court decision to come out differently…but indicating it was time to move on.
I have never doubted that Hillary would be the Democratic nominee. I have also made it clear that I don't like her because she is not nearly progressive enough for me and she is way too hawkish. That said I think she can win the general election because she has a Teflon coating that has been applied by her opponents who have been swiftboating her for nearly 16 years - even if the Republicans come up with some new material their attacks will be shrugged off by all but base, not a majority. I do think that it is essential that a Democrat occupy the White House in 2009. The reason, the Supreme Court. The next president will appoint at least two new justices. Do we really want Mitt Romney or John McCain doing the appointing? I don't think so.