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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Broderism, Unity and Obama

I will vote for the Democratic candidate for President this year no matter who it is. I also think the talk of unity at this point is a dangerous fantasy. The administration of George W. Bush has been a disease that has infected this country making the constitution a meaningless piece of paper. Large corporations control this country more than ever before. To undo these evils we don't need unity, we need a radical swing in the other direction for several years.

I don't like Hillary Clinton but I like Barack Obama even less. Obama has become the favorite among the DC bobble heads like Chris Matthews for one reason and one reason alone - he's not Hillary. It has nothing to do with policy or ideology but pure and simple misogyny. As Bob Herbert points out today this dominates the cable tabloid networks. No matter what may be going on in the world the missing blond girl de jour gets top billing.

That said I will repeat, I will vote for the Democratic candidate and I probably won't like who I vote for. But that won't be a first. In fact for one of the first times in my life I will vote a straight Democratic ticket. A humiliating defeat or two will hopefully force the Republican party to reinvent itself. When they get ready to do that they might look at the administration of Eisenhower for a template and let Ronald Reagan rest in peace.

On the Democratic side I guess I still hold out some hope for a brokered convention where neither Clinton or Obama will come out the nominee.