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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Yet another power play

This is yet just another tyrannical power play by the Bush/Cheney cabal.
In Surprise Step, Bush Is Vetoing a Military Bill
CRAWFORD, Tex. — For months President Bush harangued Democrats in Congress for not moving quickly enough to support the troops and for bogging down military bills with unrelated issues.

And then on Friday, with no warning, a vacationing Mr. Bush announced that he was vetoing a sweeping military policy bill because of an obscure provision that could expose Iraq’s new government to billions of dollars in legal claims dating to Saddam Hussein’s rule.


In a “statement of disapproval,” or pocket veto that lets the bill expire on Dec. 31, Mr. Bush said that the provision could result in preliminary injunctions freezing Iraqi assets in American banks — $20 billion to $30 billion, according to a senior administration official — and even affect commercial ventures with American businesses.
Of course The New York Times fails to mention that since the Senate is officially in session the "pocket veto" is not legal but of course this means nothing to the mobsters in the Bush administration who continue to shred the constitution. But I'm sure that Benito Giuliani approves.

So what should the Democrats do? The situation in Iraq, Afghanistan and the entire region is going to rapidly deteriorate in the next few months. If the Democrats do anything to obstruct the financing of the wars they will be blamed for that deterioration. On the other hand if they let Bush win this one it will be yet another step down the road to a tyrannical unitary executive. The Democratic "leadership" in both the House and the Senate was incompetent from the very beginning and it's too late to do anything about it now. They find themselves between a rock and a hard place with no place to go. As a result Bush will once again get what he wants.

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