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Friday, December 28, 2007

A Christian Nation???

Over the last few years we have seen the theocons attempt to rewrite the constitution and the words of the founding fathers to demonstrate that the United States is a "Christian Nation". One of the most outrageous claims is that out legal system is based on the Ten Commandments. The latest to do this is the none too bright Mike Huckabee:
"The Ten Commandments form the basis of most of our laws and therefore, you know if you look through them does anybody find anything there that would be all that objectionable? I don't think most people would if they actually read them," he said.
Ed Brayton explains how this is utter nonsense. As it turns out commandants one through four are blatantly unconstitutional. Only two of the commandments, Thou shalt not kill and Thou shalt not steal, are actually part of our legal system and they are found in all legal systems in the world. The remaining four are simply not part of the legal system. Go read Brayton's post for the details.

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