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Saturday, November 10, 2007

This is news?

For the last 7 years we have seen George W. Bush appear only before hand selected stepford audiences who only asked questions supplied by Bush's handlers and the RNC. So what makes this news?
Another Question Planted by Clinton Campaign
One day after Democratic Sen. Hillary Clinton's campaign confirmed that a staffer planted a question for the presidential candidate at a recent campaign stop, another person has come forward with a similar story.

Geoff Mitchell, a minister who recently moved to Hamilton, Ill., from Iowa, told ABC News that he was approached this spring by Clinton's Iowa political director Chris Haylor to ask Clinton a question about war funding.
Politics and running for office is a stage play - a kabuki dance. A politician wants to make sure the right questions are asked to put the candidate in the best light. If the others don't they are fools and they should. Was it news when Bush attended campaign rallies where all the questions were staged? I don't remember that being news. I don't remember that it was news when Bush couldn't answer the questions intelligently even if they were staged.

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