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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Reflections on Veterans Day

Traditional Veterans day is a special day for me. It's my X-wife's birthday (happy birthday Flori) and it's the day I became a veteran 36 years ago. I was in the Army from November, 1968 to November, 1971. You might recall that there was a little unpopular war going on then too. My friend Bill in DC and I were lucky - we spent the Vietnam war on the frontiers of freedom in downtown Munich Germany.(The picture is of me about 36 years ago in Munich) Many of my friends and relatives were not so lucky and a few did not return. All of us knew that we would be getting out of the service on our ETS; there were no back door drafts. We knew that if we did go to Vietnam we would be there for 12 months unless we volunteered to go back. We had it really good and those givens were what kept our moral up. There was a draft and the Army was a cross section of America - that can't be said today. Then nearly everyone was required to make a sacrifice - today most are encouraged not too.

The picture at the left is of my father in India during WWII. He was drafted when he was in his mid twenties. He spent over three years overseas. He was awarded the Bronze Star and was fighting for a cause that nearly everyone agreed was necessary. Once again nearly everyone was required to make sacrifices. While there were a few chicken hawks during Vietnam Bush's invasion and occupation is the war of the few who sacrifice and the majority who don't. The war of the Chicken hawks in their cheerleader uniforms who wave their pop poms while other die.

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