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Monday, November 12, 2007

The alternate universe of Bill Kristol

Just how strange is the alternate universe of Bill Kristol? He thinks that Joe Lieberman as the Vice Presidential Candidate would save the Republicans is 2008. Eunomia explains just how idiotic this is.
What Kristol proposes is that nominating Lieberman would create the conditions for such a massive victory for the Republicans, when the woes of the latter are closely tied to the foreign policy decisions that constitute the chief reason why Kristol admires Lieberman and thinks he should be a VP nominee. In short, the very things that make Lieberman attractive to interventionists in the GOP are the things that make the rest of us want to run screaming from the room. Adding Lieberman to a ticket that already included a candidate who blathers about ”Islamofascism” or takes an ueber-hawkish line on Iran would be the closest thing to a deliberate act of self-destruction by a party that we would have ever seen.

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