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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

When Bush Does Something right (Not "Right")

Today I made a rare appearance on Capt. Ed's radio show, Heading Right, to congratulate him on 4 years in the blogosphere and admitted that I agreed with Bush's decision to veto the S-CHIP bill, though for very different reasons than Ed gave. You can read my discussion in the comments here.

Congrats to Ed on four years in the den of evil that is the blogosphere. More tenacity than I had.



  1. I agree Jazz. Which leads me to another point. We have had some high profile busts of marijuana plantations here in the Pacific NW. Why not legalize it and tax it? A double win: we save the billions we spend digging up the plants and jailing the offenders plus we get tax revenue.

  2. Anonymous2:08 PM

    Your probably correct that the SChip bill is bloated, and over reaching. Most law makers say get the bill passed and refine it once you have it locked in.

    Bush wants to only give the program 5 million and the Democrats want to throw 35 million into it. More than likely there is a medium that actually is the necessity. It's being phrased that Bushit is trying to bring back the republican party on the issue of conservative values. He said in his 2004 promises he would back it, but then he promised the sun would rise from the west. "They" This administration have been notorious in backsliding on what Bushit verbalizes. You think Bush cares about the nations children? Look how he treats the troops.

    But at this point.
    He should not be part of the conversation anymore.

    In Bush own words "never negotiate with a terrorist"

    Bush has proven himself time and time again, to terrorize people to get what he wants.

    no negotiations. period. He wants to veto something fine, I'll send him a box of pens.
    15 months left of this failure (well they got what they wanted). As Lincoln the father of their party said "The destruction will not come from abroad."

    Force him to play by your rules or You will be force to play by his rules.

    Which means "what do i care, I got 3/4 million acres in paraguay and I don't have to call my lawyer."

  3. Anonymous3:20 PM

    okay Billions


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