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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Losing the WOT

While the Bush administration continues to spin it's wheels in the sands of Iraq and threaten Iran the real war against the real enemy, al-Qaeda and the Taliban in Pakistan.
Pakistan Seen Losing Fight Against Taliban And Al-Qaeda
PESHAWAR, Pakistan -- Pakistan's government is losing its war against emboldened insurgent forces, giving al-Qaeda and the Taliban more territory in which to operate and allowing the groups to plot increasingly ambitious attacks, according to Pakistani and Western security officials.

The depth of the problem has become clear only in recent months, as regional peace deals have collapsed and the government has deferred developing a new strategy to defeat insurgents until Pakistan's leader, Gen. Pervez Musharraf, can resolve a political crisis that threatens his presidency.

Meanwhile, radical Islamic fighters who were evicted from Afghanistan by the 2001 U.S.-led invasion have intensified a ruthless campaign that has consumed Pakistan's tribal areas and now affects its major cities. Military officials say the insurgents have enhanced their ability to threaten not only Pakistan but the United States and Europe as well.

"They've had a chance to regroup and reorganize," said a Western military official in Pakistan. "They're well equipped. They're clearly getting training from somewhere. And they're using more and more advanced tactics."

Pakistan's military, on the other hand, is considering pulling back from the fight -- at least partially -- in the face of mounting losses, the official said.
While the Iraq war creates more enemies daily the real 9/11 enemy is regrouping and becoming an even greater threat to the US and the world. The occupation of Iraq and the saber rattling towards Iran are not only foolish but treasonous.

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