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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

This makes me laugh

The following is via greenmountainpolitics. If you wondered how crazy and delusional Rudy Giuliani is this should give you some indication.
Jon Martin has gotten his hands on color-coded maps that Team Giuliani is using to show "what they believe to be Giuliani's anticipated general election strength versus Hillary Clinton compared to how other GOP candidates might fare against her".
And they have made some maps. Now the maps for Thompson, McCain and Romney against Hillary Clinton show Hillary winning and may have at least some connection with reality. But then we get to the map below - Rudy VS Hillary. (Click on map for larger image)
As you can see it shows Rudy with 210 electoral votes, Hillary with 18 and 310 that could go either way. That's right, Rudy thinks he could take 48 states. The blog description of greenmountainpolitics is "Making Smart People Laugh Since 2006". They did make this lefty laugh in 2007. Even though this is a right leaning blog they seemed to be laughing at Rudy as well.

NRO has a different take. They think that Rudy admits he could lose 56 of the 286 electoral votes that Bush received.

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