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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

About that reconciliation

Now it's pretty common knowledge that the current Iraqi police force is:
a) Nearly entirely made up of Shiites
b) Many of them are Shiite militants
The US has been attempting to recruit Sunni for the police force and the Shiites are not pleased.
Shiite Bloc Sharply Criticizes U.S. Outreach to Sunnis
BAGHDAD, Oct. 2 — Iraq’s largest Shiite political bloc threw its weight against the American effort to cooperate with Sunni tribes today, stating in clear, sharp language that Sunnis from militant backgrounds should not be allowed into official police forces.

The United Iraqi Alliance, the largest political bloc in Parliament, whose members control the government, said that the American military’s recruiting of Sunnis in sensitive areas in and around the capital amounted to empowering men with histories of militancy.

“We refuse and denounce giving protection to those terrorists who committed hideous crimes against the Iraqi people and allowing them to be responsible for security,” the statement read. The groups were, the statement said, “the reason for the bad security situation.”
Now of course this is not surprising. Of course the ruling party would want their own thugs in the police force. It does insure that the civil war will continue.
“We demand the American administration to hasten in stopping this adventure.”

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