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Monday, October 29, 2007

Not ready for prime time

Now I have never been an Obama fan - I have described him as an empty shirt. He may be a rock star but presidential material he's not. Now I'm critical of the Republicans when they give the rabid intolerant Christians and that's exactly what Democrat Obama did this weekend.
Surprise, surprise, surprise. Obama's anti-gay religious right activist used the opportunity Obama gave him last night to preach his hate to thousands of African-Americans. That's just great. And the white preacher who Obama picked to help explain to the audience that gays aren't minions of Satan? CNN reports that he said nothing at all - just a short little prayer, then he left. As for Obama, he did a taped introduction in which he praised McClurkin, the religious right activist, as one of his favorites. That's nice, because the way to help combat homophobia in the black community is to make sure the gay-basher is first endorsed by someone as high-ranking as Obama, who then chooses to say nothing about the gay-bashing.

So, in the end, Obama let his "best" and "favorite" artist slam gays to thousands of African-Americans, in his name, and neither he nor his hand-chosen white gay preacher said anything in response. Class act, that Obama campaign. For them, creating a "dialogue" means the gay-basher gets to spread his bigotry to thousands while the candidate and the token gay STFU.
Now I guess we know why the "rock star" has been loosing ground to Hillary and this won't help.

Below I explained that I would hold my nose and vote for Hillary to keep Rudy out of the White House. I'm not sure I could say the same about Obama.

Obama is definitely not ready for prime time.

Another Obama problem

Update II
Obama's campaign digs the hole even deeper


Digby has some observaions
This is also one of the dangers of trying to run a "unity" campaign at a time when the right has become so extreme that "reaching out" to them often means legitimizing bigots, xenophobes and warmongers. It's possible to do it, but it takes a very deft diplomatic hand and an unusual ability to communicate well with all concerned without giving up your principles. That's exactly what was supposed to be Obama's strong suit. This error is hardly reassuring.
I don't actually believe a "unity" campaign is possible in a very polarized country with a two party system.

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