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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Yes, I'll hold my nose

In the post below my friend and fellow independent Jazz said the following:
Hillary's choice for veep? Rohm Emmanuel. Yikes... if there was any chance that I'd be voting Democratic next year, that pick would certainly sink the deal. I can't imagine a less tasty combination - really, I'd sooner order a pineapple and anchovy pizza.

Well Jazz my friend I'm going to point out an even "less tasty combination" - Rudy Giuliani and anybody else. Giuliani is the scariest individual running for president. You can find some reasons here and here. While I don't like Hillary and I don't trust Hillary I will vote for Hillary to keep Rudy out of the White House. Rudy Giuliani is Dick Cheney on meth.

I'm 61 years old. I first voted in 1968 - Richard Nixon VS Hubert Humphrey; I voted for Humphrey. I have never voted for the person I wanted to be president but I have always voted against the person I least wanted to be president. Once again I will be forced to do that - to keep the very scary and very dangerous Rudy Giuliani and I'll hold my nose and vote for the the less scary and the less dangerous Hillary Clinton.


  1. Kevin9:35 PM

    Here's the thing, though... If you don't trust Hillary (I don't either!) then how do you know that she wouldn't be as bad or worse than Rudy?

    They're both social Progressives and foreign policy NeoCons. In fact I would say that they are each more like the other than either of them are like anyone else running.

    Give me an honest psycho over a scheming liar any day of the week because at least with the honest psycho I know what I'm getting and am forewarned to apply whatever domestic political pressure I can muster. I can't prepare for, much less counter, backroom deals.

    Let's just hope and pray that it doesn't come down to a choice between those two!

  2. Kevin
    In the case of Rudy he is a known Authoritarian. As Josh Marshall Pointed out today he may be the only elected official that has attempted to extend his term by fiat. He is a tyrrant wanna be and would be if elected. He has openly said that he has no use for the constitution - check the here's in the post. Hillary on the other hand is a politician in the Democratic tradition - aka a liar. What she's not is a Mussolinni in waiting, a Dick Cheney on crack cocaine.

  3. This was my fault for not being more specific. I didn't mean to imply that a Hillary/Rahm ticket was the least tastey option of anyone running for the White House. I simply meant that, of all the people Hillary could pick as a running mate, that lackey of the DNC would be one of the worst possible choices if she were seeking to attract my vote. Rahm is a disaster for the Democrats and has been for some time.

    You may trust that I won't be voting for Rudy (or, at this point, any of the other GOP nominees in the realistic running.) Whether my vote will go for a Dem or for Stephen Colbert won't be known until much further into the election cycle. I need to see where the polls are, how the congressional races are shaping up, and if the GOP candidate is coming on strong enough to actually pull out another win.


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