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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Good for the Germans

German Police Arrest 3 in Imminent Terrorist Plot
FRANKFURT, Sept. 5 — The police in Germany have arrested three Islamic militants suspected of planning major terrorist attacks against several sites frequented by Americans, including the busy United States air base at Ramstein and the Frankfurt international airport.

The suspects — two German citizens and a Turkish resident of Germany — were in advanced stages of plotting bombing attacks that could have been deadlier than the terrorist strikes that killed dozens in London and Madrid, police and security officials said Wednesday.

“They were planning massive attacks,” the German federal prosecutor, Monika Harms, said at a news conference, outlining a vast six-month investigation. She said that the suspects had amassed huge amounts of hydrogen peroxide, the main chemical used to manufacture the explosives used in the suicide bombings in London in July 2005.
It sounds like this may have been a real one - unlike the phony ones the US has been able to "break up". And they managed to do it with out ignoring 800 years of legal tradition and turning their country into a police state.

Kevin Hayden has more.

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