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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Does Larry Craig read Balloon Juice?

A few days ago John Cole at Balloon Juice told Larry Craig what he should say.
As to my ‘alleged’ friends in the Senate and elsewhere in Washington, let me extend a large and erect middle finger to each and everyone of you. To all of you who came to me privately as a friend over the past few days and told me it was best for the nation and Idaho if I resign, but who did not have the courage to stand up for your friend when a camera was on, let me say this: “GO TO HELL.” Each and every one of you.

All these years in Washington, and you were my supposed to be my friends. Not one of you- not one god damned person in Washington- defended me. You make me sick. You are craven, amoral, shallow, backstabbing, self-serving drama queens, and I hope you all rot in hell. I deserved better.
Well it would appear that Mr Craig might be taking John's advice.
Craig reversal angers GOP colleagues
Just when Republicans thought things could not get much worse for their scandal-stained party, Idaho Sen. Larry Craig leaked word Tuesday night that he is reconsidering his abrupt plan to resign from the Senate in the wake of his arrest in a police sex sting operation.

Top Republican strategists were neither delighted nor amused by the senator's decision to rethink retirement after pleading guilty to disorderly conduct following his arrest in a Minnesota airport men's bathroom.

GOP Senate sources said Tuesday night that Craig's staff was trying to tamp down the story because Craig still intends to resign but wants to retain the option of fighting the charges with a newly assembled, high-powered legal team.
Good for you Larry!

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