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Thursday, April 19, 2007

My heart says no but......

.....my intellect says yes.
Democrats Would Make Iraq Timetable in Bill 'Advisory'
Congressional Democratic leaders are moving to make their proposed timetable for withdrawing U.S. troops from Iraq "advisory" as they seek to reconcile two versions of war spending legislation into a single bill that they plan to pass next week, according to several House members.

The compromise language would keep the deadlines included in the original House bill but make them nonbinding, as the Senate version did, and would allow President Bush to waive troop-readiness standards, lawmakers said. Bush has vowed to veto legislation with timetables in it, calling it a schedule of surrender, but Democrats hope to show that they are being flexible and the president rigid by softening the terms. The compromises may cost Democrats votes among antiwar liberals, but they hope to pick up some Republicans.
Like Steve Soto I think the Democrats would be better off waiting for a final showdown in late summer or early fall. At that time there will be plenty of of Republicans ready to support a withdrawal date as the 2008 election approaches. If Bush vetoes a bill with only "advisory" dates there may be enough Republican votes to override the veto.

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