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Thursday, April 19, 2007


America when will you end the human war? Allen Ginsberg.

Non-binding? Non-binding? Non-binding?


The democrats have chickened out!

It makes me think more cynically than I like to.

That the administration, both political parties, the congress, the lobbyists, the pundits, the Washington press corps are all basically joined together in their own little sub-culture focusing inwardly only on itself, going along to get along, and being reluctant to rock the boat.

The word non-binding can only be defined as cowardice on the part of the democrats, and as another Bush/Cheney/Rovian victory handed to them on a silver platter.

The Iraq war will continue now, and for a long time, even into the term of the next president.

I give up on seeing the Iraq war end during Bush/Cheney's term.

Every time the democrats chicken out and make their positions non-binding they are erasing the difference between parties, and their policies and removing any reasons people might have to vote in a democratic president in 2008 and are only paving the way for President Romney, or President Gingrich. Why would anybody vote democrat in 2008 when they can tell in advance it doesn't mean anything will change?

Every time the democrats chicken out they are telling the voters who gave them the victory, and a mandate for change last November, that now, AFTER they are comfortably installed in office they are fully co-opted and suddenly no longer really opposed to Bush/Cheney Iraq policies, and by extension the whole pre-emptive war idea, and will probably be just as spinless on the matter of attacking Iran, even if it is nuclear.

The democratic party, (I'm not going to use a capitol "D" any more), is voluntarily placing itself on the brink of defeat and surrenedering the political initiative to the Republican status quo.

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