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Monday, February 12, 2007

So where is the outrage.....

.....against the do nothing Democrats?
Glenn Greenwald posting over at his new digs at Salon (yes you have to watch an ad) has a must read post and a call to action,
Giving Democrats a pass on ending the war?
Most Bush critics accept these two premises: (1) Congress has the power to compel a withdrawal of troops from Iraq and (2) a withdrawal -- whether immediate or one that is completed within, say, six to nine months -- is vitally important. It is important in its own right and perhaps even more so, because it is our presence in Iraq which enables all sorts of future disasters, including a looming confrontation with Iran.

Yet the Democratic-controlled Congress is clearly not going to attempt to exercise its power to compel the end of this war -- at least not any time soon. And, with some exceptions, there seems to be very few objections over that failure, very little clamoring that they do more. Why is that? What accounts for the seeming willingness -- even among more vocal war opponents and bloggers -- to give Democrats a pass on actually ending the war (as opposed to enacting symbolic, inconsequential resolutions)?
He points out that even in the progressive blogosphere there is little if any outrage over the failure of the Democrats to do what they were elected to do - end the war.

Sit through the ad and go read the entire post.

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