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Monday, February 12, 2007

For all of us bottom feeders

Jill has a great post for all of as non "A list" bloggers. Chris Bowers has decided we don't matter anymore. As Jill says:
But with Kos and Atrios making a big show about "culling the blogroll", and Chris Bowers playing "Mine's Bigger" with the rest of the blogosphere, is this really what it's come to? Is this the Revenge of the Nerds come to fruition?
Cernig at Newshog has the right idea.
She [Jill] nails, utterly and accurately, the "bloggier-than-thou" attitude of the A-listers. Go read.

I've decided that Newshog, too, will be having a blogroll purge later today. I'm deleting every A-lister that doesn't link to Newhog. After all, why should I help out their traffic if they don't give a flying f**k about helping mine?

I'm also going to add a bunch more small blogs who do link to Newshog. They deserve my support since they support Newshog.
Sounds good to me, expect to see some changes on the MEJ blogroll soon.

I have droped some of Chris Bowers' "A List", the ones I never read. That includes Atrios, MyDD and Daily Kos. I have left the ones I do read.

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