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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

It's all Bush's fault

There is nothing that really inspires me to rant this morning so I'll send you over to a couple of other folks who report on conservatives turning on the Bush/Cheney cabal.
First of all Joe Gandelman reports that now that he is no longer a part of the administration John Bolton is saying some things that can't make the administration too happy. Things like:
  • "Former U.S. envoy to the United Nations John Bolton said in an interview published in France that the United States has “no strategic interest” in a united Iraq."
  • On Fox News last week, he said the United States may not be able to stop Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons because it was following a flawed diplomatic strategy.

Glenn Greenwald looks at how the conservatives have predictably turned on the administration they supported for six years now that the administration policies have made a mess of everything.
There is a serious fraud emerging in the political landscape that, though easily predictable and predicted, is now being perpetrated with full force -- namely, that the so-called "conservative movement" is not responsible for the destruction wrought on the country by the Bush presidency and the loyal Republican Congress which followed him. Even more audaciously, the claim is emerging that the "conservative movement" is actually the prime victim here, because its lofty "principles" have been betrayed and repudiated by the President and the Congress which have ruled our country for the last six years.
Andrew Sullivan gets some special attention both good, turning on Bush very early, and bad, still supporting the flawed conservative ideology.

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