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Monday, January 29, 2007

Adolescent Playground Bullies

As I have said here many times the neocons and the Bush administration are nothing but a collection is insecure adolescent playground bullies. That is what Digby is telling us today in a must read post on Cheney's latest delusional insane rantings. Go read the entire thing but here is the conclusion.
I would suggest that it is the greatest strategic disaster in our history because it wasn't really a strategy at all. It was a simple-minded reading of a complicated problem based upon some psychological need among a handful of powerful men. And vice president Cheney is clearly still very powerful. He is out there making a spectacle of himself with this talk and nobody can stop him even though it's terribly counter-productive to the current legislative and foreign policy challenges and the president's standing with the nation at large. He is a dangerous and somewhat deranged man. But the problem is that the man at whose pleasure he serves is just as deluded as he is.

It is this kind of thing that makes me believe that they will provoke a war with Iran. It is their strategy to prove that the US is the biggest toughest bastard on the planet. Iraq isn't getting that job done. Maybe doubling down will.
Yes, they will attack Iran because they need to.

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