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Saturday, December 23, 2006

More on Condi

In the comments section of the post below my dear friend, Bill in DC, chastises me the the personal attack on Condolezza Rice. In fact he's probably right since it does resemble the sort of thing we see in the the right wing blogs. Dr Rice is probably one of the most vile and yet at the same time the most pathetic member of the vile Bush administration. She has lied with the best of them except of course you can always tell when she is lying because she is bad at it. And speaking of bad at it I suppose you could add National Security Advisor and Secretary of State. The worthy investment talk that initiated the recent attacks on Rice point out how she has become not only detached from reality but detached from the human race itself, unable to recognize how inappropriate her remarks were. As Bilmon said :
Does Condi understand how many deaths, mutilations and wrecked lives lie behind her "investments" and "birth pangs"? Undoubtedly. Does she care? I don't know. But, from a public diplomacy point of view, it would behoove her to show some sign that she has an emotional connection to the rest of the human race -- or, if she doesn't, to at least pretend that she does.
Was the personal attack on Condi inappropriate? Perhaps. Do I regret it? No. Condi has compromised her integrity and sacrificed her humanity for personal power.

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