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Friday, December 22, 2006

Condi - cold, heartless bitch

Steve Soto asks:
How insensitive was it, days before Christmas, for Condi Rice to tell the families of our fallen soldiers, that the loss of their loved ones, and the squandering of our national treasury was worth the “investment” for a war she says we can still win? It takes a craven and callous person to categorize our war dead as nothing more than an "investment" in a failed policy and an unpopular war of choice that was based on lies, but welcome to the Bush Administration.
Bilmon has some thoughts, Condi is a good fit for the Bush administration because she has been sheltered from "reality" all of her life.
Maybe the simplest explanation is also the most accurate. Maybe Condi is just a cold, heartless bitch -- as morally numb and sociopathic as her office husband. But these kinds of comments could also simply reflect the incredibly sheltered life Madame Supertanker appears to have led, especially since she entered the pampered, intersecting worlds of the academic, national security and corporate elites.
She was sheltered from the realities of what it was like to be a black in Alabama in the 50s and 60s. Bilmon points out that Condi is as detached from reality as anyone in the Bush administration largely because she has never been exposed to reality, not unlike George W. Bush himself.
[Illustration by Ben Heine ]

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