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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Mind if I rant?

I hope this whole Bush era thing will now begin to fade.

The demands for enforced narrow mindedness, dysfunctional sexual attitudes, sexism that is not only aggressive but condescending, an undercurrent of racism, the class war of what amounts to the ongoing abandonment of the poor people of the Gulf Coast, an incompetently administered war with a losing strategy that Bush refuses to change, the betrayal of the Bill of Rights, and thats only some of the neo-con crapola I'm sick and tired of!

And those politicized Christians! Whatever happened to Jesus? The phoney Christian wingnuts want to give us all the plagues of frogs and boils of the Old Testament, but they never mention the Beattitudes. Why not?

What we have really been dealing with for six years are a class of rich trust fund sucking racist, sexist, homophobic self annointed aristocrats operating under the smug assumption its ok to send the poor folks off to die in some fraudulent war they created as a cover for their embezzeling billions.

Ok I'm done.

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