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Friday, November 17, 2006

Karl is so 2004

After Karl Rove's math turned out to be a bit flawed it only figured that his influence would be diminished. As Steve Gilliard reports the White House Bulletin says he's gone from the WH soon. Not too surprising since Karl's brand of hand to hand combat only works with Bush sycophants in control of both houses of congress. Steve seems to think that Daddy's boys are in the process of a little family coup d’√Čtat.
Junior and Rove are a team, they have been for years. But Poppy never much liked him. Something about him was off. He had his uses, but if Junior is to be saved, things must change. While Bush doesn't want Rove to take credit for everything, Poppy Bush wants him gone.

And Poppy Bush is the decider here.

And Cheney too?
So while Atrios may doubt it, I think Rove and Cheney are not long for the WH. Why? Poppy's men want them out of the way. They are in crisis mode, desperate to save Junior. Because someone just realized that the house committees are unfriendly ground for them.

Junior wants to fight, but he's got no cards left. None.
I thought that when Rummy was shown the door it marked the end of the imperial Cheney Presidency and Steve seems to agree. That will represent a policy shift since Dubya had no real policy of his own. The Cheney move is the significant one. Rove's departure will not change anything since he had largely been relegated to the ranks of the insignificant after the election anyway.

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